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annpumpAnn Demeulemeester Point Pumps

I don’t wear high heels and stilettos as much as I used to; the allure of sneakers, derbies and ankle boots with squat stacked heels has eclipsed the sophistication of an elegant heel thanks to their perceived discomfort. Sitting at a desk all day invites the notion one could wear heels without much trouble; many of the girls here in the office do – but the idea of dragging around a second set of shoes for the walk between public transport and the office – or worse; actually walking back and forth in them – is far too stressful.

These Ann pumps though, with their buttery soft leather, make the 9cm stiletto heel seem somehow modest. There’s something about the arch, they curve differently to other heels. They seem… supple – as though I could walk in them for days without burn or blister.

Of course, they would still burn a little hole in my wallet, even if they didn’t burn the balls of my feet. One for the wishlist.



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Another phone snap taken by Edit Evening this morning after breakfast at the new paleo eatery in Richmond, Patch Cafe. Edit Evening and I have both been following the paleo diet so far this year, although he’s stricter than I am – I still have some dairy and occasionally submit to my sugar cravings.

The light was so beautiful filtering in through the trees! Not a very good picture for outfit details unfortunately, but I was happy to saunter around in my lovely new derbies that I got for a steal, BNIB on eBay recently.


Herkimer Quartz, mined in upstate New York, is formed directly within cavities of the dolomite rock

Alicia Hannah Naomi finds beauty into the organic darkness of raw nature. The silent poetry that relies in amorphous objects and complex elements inspires her jewellery pieces, characterised by a sort of brut grace. The designer’s meticulous study of shapes, textures and pigments translates into precious pieces that trap and reflect the light through an intricate design game. Seeking for a clash between nature and nurture, Alicia Hannah Naomi’s creative mind travels through desolate and austere lands, absorbing their bare melancholy and sharp strength to work them in the fine art of gold smithing. The blending of these intense emotions with Alicia’s fine crafting skills is expressed in the rough-hewn surfaces of her jewellery pieces, poignantly underscored by immaculately polished accents. 

In collaboration with SOME/THINGS S/TUDIO, she produced exclusive rings that remind of industrial tools spit out an erupting volcano. According to Alicia’s highly tactile approach, the textures are burnished and blackened as if they were weathered slates, eroded by harsh winds and blazing flames. Breathtaking sublimes landscapes reflects in the rough brutalism of the jewellery’s profiles, shaped by the designer directly in the primary modeling materials of wax without the need of any sketches. Precious stones like Herkimer Diamonds and Black Sapphires enhance the pieces refined essence as well as their conceptual versatility; indeed the jewellery come with leather chains to be worn as a necklaces according to the wearers’ wishes. The unique value of each element is achieved through an entirely handmade working process that makes each piece different from the others.

The first piece in an ongoing collaboration, GRIS features an asymmetrically set Herkimer Diamond, designed to echo the natural formation of the double terminated quartz inside cavities within dolomite rock.

Alicia Hannah Naomi’s jewellery pieces for SOME/THINGS are exclusively available at SOME/THINGS CONCEPT/STORE, Paris.



I am pleased to announce that – in conjunction with fine Melbourne-based jewellers Julia DeVille and Redivivo – my work will be presented May 5th-15th at Fallow in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, as part of the VIRTUALLY YOURS exhibition.

For more on the presentation, visit The Weekend Edition.





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Edit Evening snapped some pictures of this outfit for me on my phone whilst walking to lunch on Saturday. We’re trying to do this more often since I’m hardly ever home, figuring phone photos are better than no photos.

It was dry but windy out, the perfect weather for a padded jacket but bare legs under my dress. This dress and my Assin dress pictured a few posts back are on constant rotation in my wardrobe at the moment – my only complaint with this one is that as it is linen it creases easily and then I feel unkempt. Since acquiring a garment steamer ($49 from K-Mart – if you don’t have one seriously run, don’t walk) I can’t imagine a life wearing creased or wrinkled garments. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my wardrobe and at such a minor cost.