All Saints Scarf (similar here) / Glassons Merino Knit (buy here) / Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto Skirt (similar here) / Guidi 792 Derbies (similar here)

Another phone snap taken by Edit Evening this morning after breakfast at the new paleo eatery in Richmond, Patch Cafe. Edit Evening and I have both been following the paleo diet so far this year, although he’s stricter than I am – I still have some dairy and occasionally submit to my sugar cravings.

The light was so beautiful filtering in through the trees! Not a very good picture for outfit details unfortunately, but I was happy to saunter around in my lovely new derbies that I got for a steal, BNIB on eBay recently.





Rick Owens Lilies Jacket (buy here) / Et Al Dress (similar here) / Rick Owens Shoes (buy here) / Alicia Hannah Naomi Jewellery (buy here)

Edit Evening snapped some pictures of this outfit for me on my phone whilst walking to lunch on Saturday. We’re trying to do this more often since I’m hardly ever home, figuring phone photos are better than no photos.

It was dry but windy out, the perfect weather for a padded jacket but bare legs under my dress. This dress and my Assin dress pictured a few posts back are on constant rotation in my wardrobe at the moment – my only complaint with this one is that as it is linen it creases easily and then I feel unkempt. Since acquiring a garment steamer ($49 from K-Mart – if you don’t have one seriously run, don’t walk) I can’t imagine a life wearing creased or wrinkled garments. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my wardrobe and at such a minor cost.






Rick Owens Blazer (similar here) / Et Al Skirt (similar here) / Officine Creative Boots (similar here) / Alicia Hannah Naomi Jewellery (buy here)

This blazer is absolutely my pride and joy. It was an extraordinary generous Christmas gift from my love Edit Evening, and now that the weather is cooling in Melbourne I’ve been wearing it constantly.

The cut is extremely flattering on my frame, which is always hard for me as I have a prominent sway back – but this cinches in beautifully. I love the subtle texture in the fabric and the gorgeous silk shawl collar. It’s also the perfect length for pants or dresses. The only thing I’d change is maybe the size, as I do prefer my jackets tight I think I could have gotten away with the size smaller; but at least this way there’s plenty of room for knits and things to be worn underneath as it’s more of a summer-weight blazer and I intend to wear it right through winter, too.

The voluminous full-length skirt gives the overall look a bit of a modern-victorian feel that, while a little different for me, also somehow feels perfectly natural.


Photo by Xiaohan Shen for Pages Digital

Rick Owens Leather Biker Jacket (buy here) / Glassons Milk Merino Knit (buy here) / Et Al Distressed Skirt (buy here) / Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers (buy here) / Alexander Wang Handbag (similar here)/ Alicia Hannah Naomi Jewellery (buy here)

I’ve learned over the years of blogging that there’s very little for me to cover at fashion weeks here in Australia; especially the commercial ones. The few aesthetically-appropriate designers we have here that appeal to my style I would prefer to showcase independently of the hype of a fashion week. However I was recently coerced into attended a VAMFF runway last week, which I did mostly on the promise of getting to see some friends who were visiting for the event from interstate.

Edit Evening would say the pained expression on my face in this street style photo taken by the lovely Xiaohan Shen is a manifestation of my disdain for these fashion weeks; but actually it was just a windy night and my hair was whipping in my eyes, causing me to squint. Either way, it’s a pretty amusing contrast to the rest of the gallery full of smiling fashion-week-istas who all dressed for the occasion, whereas I’d come straight from work.

Hair and Harness


Assin Dress (similar here) / Scanlan & Theodore Harness (similar here) / Rick Owens Boots (buy here) / Alicia Hannah Naomi Jewellery (buy here)

Aesthetically speaking, I have a tendency to get completely obsessive over very small details. As I’ve been growing my fringe out, my cowlick has been driving me crazy, but I’ve finally decided to stop fighting with it.

Speaking of my hair, I’m trying to find a way I can be kinder to it when I blow it dry. A lot of people don’t realise my hair is naturally curly from the root, but it’s also very fine so I feel like I’m constantly torturing it.  A few months ago I noticed that I actually have an entire (thin) fringe of what appears to be broken hair around my hairline. I was pretty shocked and upset since I’ve spent so long growing my fringe out – almost two years (see below) – and I decided after some research that maybe the brushes I use are contributing to this breakage and the hair-fall I’ve been noticing. 

After lots of recommendations I bought a Denman Classic Styling brush but I can’t seem to get enough tension to get my hair straight as I blow it out! I feel like every blow-out tutorial online is for girls with moderately straight hair to begin with. Blowing out curls is a whole different game and I need to create some pretty extreme tension to get it to behave. Right now I’m using one of those clamp straightening brushes and a round brush. They work well but I’m concerned about how much damage their doing. If anyone has any advice on how to use the Denman to blow my curls out I’d love some advice in the comments!

Completely coincidentally, the last time I wore this harness and boots combo on the blog was in May 2012, the very last time I cut my fringe in. I had my lengths cut off really short so it would be easier to get my fringe to the same length as the rest of my ends but I still have a gap of about 2 inches between them.

I bought this dress on my birthday this year from Assin in Melbourne. It’s by their house brand, a heavy double-layered jersey with a twisted, asymmetric bubble hem. I usually hate bubble hems but this works I think because the fabric is so weighty. It hangs like perfectly draped sack, which is a silhouette I’m really enjoying lately; but it still looks great cinched with a belt or harness.