Silhouette Shock

astaireRick Owens Easy Astaire Cropped Trousers

I love the silhouette of drop crotch trousers. I love them so much that every time I see a pair I try them on – but they never look right on my frame. Every time! And I’m always so disappointed.

I was looking for jeans when the sales assistant thrust these at me. I’m not sure why; they’re not denim, they’re kind of baggy but tapered, lightly dropped in the crotch and cropped ankles… it was the complete opposite not only of what I would expect to suit my shape but what I even went into the store for in the first place. But I had some time to kill so I thought “why not?” and took them into the fitting room.

I didn’t buy them, although I was really surprised by how much I liked them. I think the key for this fit was the width of the thigh and the elegant lose drape of the drop through to the knee. I’ve never really seen trousers like this look good on me and I think that silhouette shock really kept me from pulling out my wallet.

It’s been several days and I’m still thinking about them, but I’d like to restrain myself and only buy one new clothing item this month. I get paid monthly now and mid-month at that; so I’ve got to learn a whole new way of budgeting. If I can only choose between these trousers and a pair of jeans I need to seriously think about what my wardrobe would benefit from the most.




I hate coming across images like these and finding no credits.
I’m assuming they’re part of a look book – if anyone knows which brand is pictured please comment below.

Update: Thank you to the four lovely readers who helped discover that this is none other than Forme d’Expression!

Dark Dust


darkdustSelection of garments from Yoox

I get asked a lot if I ever wear colour. People seem to find my penchant for black fascinating. Black is mysterious, black is poetic, black talks of my inclination towards the solemn grace of darkness. Yes yes, without hesitation this is why I choose black. However in a frank discussion it’s good to acknowledge the less lyrical but equally important reason – I choose it because it is indiscriminate. As we say where we come from – people remember a red dress.

Over the course of the last eighteen months I’ve been finding myself more attracted to the tonal spectrum of greys offered by Rick Owens. Dna Dust, Darkshadow and Bitter – they are uncommon colours, but muted and easily blended into a wardrobe that advocates ambiguity.

It was my birthday recently and amongst some of the generous gifts I received was a Rick Owens basic ribbed tank in Dark Dust. Edit Evening admitted that he bought the Dark Dust because the Black had already sold out, but I was much happier with the Dark Dust. It was a gift in more ways than one, because as a gateway piece it presented the opportunity to begin to explore these tones without fear.

The problem with the basic tanks is they absolutely need to be layered because they’re incredibly sheer; I’m not sure yet how to do that within the parameters of the other things I own. Now I’m wish-listing these colours with feverish abandon; they always look better worn together.

Silent Whisper

Silent Whisper specializes in hand crafted accessories with strong attention to details and quality. I discovered this emerging label after plugging through some tumblr archives where my eyes fell upon an image of this incredible bag. Fusing military and utilitarian inspirations, each piece is specifically created to it’s specifications. Utilizing the idea of functionality, each item is adaptable to any circumstance.

Prejudice to mainstream aesthetics; we feel the time is now to revolt.