Aspirational Spaces

A move is in my not-too-distant future. Right now I’m absorbing all of the beautiful domestic scenes I come across, such as these.

It is said that one should dress as the person they wish to be. I am an advocate of this thought and I firmly believe that this philosophy should extend to all areas of our lives, right down to our personal environments. We can’t all live in exceptional spaces such as these  – heaven knows that I won’t be when the time comes – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t arrange and decorate our homes in the most aspirational way we can with the facilities are available to us.

I am particularly taken by the wooden dining table and black antler candle holder – both of which look fairly easy to DIY.

Score and Solder

Score and Solder Quartz No.1 Terrarium

Terrariums seem to be having a moment, but I’ve never had a green thumb. Although it comes with a kit including rocks, sand, activated charcoal and instructions on how to build your terrarium, what I love about this stunning minimal and multi-faceted offering by Canadian label Score and Solder is that it could really house anything. An artwork, an object, maybe a book; and give it new dimension in presentation. Or leave it empty and admire it just as it is. That’s what I’d do.


T2 Monk Pear, T2 Green Rose and T2 Girly Grey

It’s no secret that I’m a tea lover; I drink more tea a day than what doctors recommend you drink water – which is actually a problem because I don’t like water and black tea is allegedly is a mild dehydrant.

It was my sister who first introduced me to T2; the first time I smelt their signature Earl Grey blend I was in olfactory heaven. That delicious, intense perfume of bergamot couldn’t compare to the supermarket leaves I was used to. I was an instant convert. These days I find myself working in very close proximity to a T2 retail store and often go on shopping sprees there during my lunch breaks. I spend more money at T2 some weeks than I do on fashion. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to treat myself and I feel good supporting an independent Melbourne business!

At first I only drank their Earl Grey blend exclusively; but I became so accustom to the flavour that I stopped being able to enjoy it. I now mix up my blends regularly to ensure I can enjoy the full aroma and flavour of all my favourite T2 blends such as Monk Pear, Black Rose and Earl Grey Royale. They say you should never store your tea in direct sunlight so I picked up these beautiful frosted black aluminium canisters which look lovely on the kitchen counter. They also have a range of some of the most gorgeous patterned crockery around; but the minimalist in me prefers the simplicity of white.

This post was not sponsored but some of the teas pictured were kindly supplied by T2. Everything else featured I paid for myself and endorse independently.

Black Paper 37 Chair

Black Paper 37 Chair by Kibardindesign

Low paper armchair Black Paper 37 is a result of experiments with various materials and exploration of the co-existence of ‘Chaos and Sequence’. The armchair is made of 37 paper layers and 20 details of gofer cardboard. The functional surface is formed by putting paper layers one by one to archive the required height on the chair. A distinctive texture of the chairs’ overlay encourages a dialog with a user. A distinctly personalized form of the chair can be created by rumpling and chopping paper layers.