Closet Cull


I’m now closet culling directly from Tictail – selling all manner of items by designers and brands such as Rick Owens, Zara, Rebecca Minkoff, Tom Ford, J Brand, and as pictured above – ALPHA60.
Visit to check it out and then check out.


crinkleEt Al Ozone Tunic and Waving Shirt

I am head-over-heels in love with this beautiful crinkled textured fabric in these new season Et Al pieces; especially the shirt. Wouldn’t it be divine over some skinny black lamb leather leggings and some sharp heels?


RickOwens2_aRick Owens Hollywood Wrap Leather Jacket

What Year Of The Jacket would be complete without acquiring a grail? I fell in love with the Hollywood jacket almost a year ago when I first tried it on at Marais in the blister leather incarnation. It went on sale and sold out in my size, I missed out and was a little heartbroken.

Truth be told, though – I didn’t really want another blister leather jacket as my Biker is blister, and when Marais bought the same jacket for Vicious in the smooth lamb leather I was determined to make it mine. Of course I couldn’t afford it full price – but something compelled me to wander in today on my lunch break. Sure enough it was on sale and there was just one left in my size. What else was I to do?

Actually if I’m completely honest the true grail situation would be having the Biker in the smooth leather and the Hollywood in the blister; but I’m phenomenally grateful to have what I have so I’m not complaining for a moment.

On Point

annpumpAnn Demeulemeester Point Pumps

I don’t wear high heels and stilettos as much as I used to; the allure of sneakers, derbies and ankle boots with squat stacked heels has eclipsed the sophistication of an elegant heel thanks to their perceived discomfort. Sitting at a desk all day invites the notion one could wear heels without much trouble; many of the girls here in the office do – but the idea of dragging around a second set of shoes for the walk between public transport and the office – or worse; actually walking back and forth in them – is far too stressful.

These Ann pumps though, with their buttery soft leather, make the 9cm stiletto heel seem somehow modest. There’s something about the arch, they curve differently to other heels. They seem… supple – as though I could walk in them for days without burn or blister.

Of course, they would still burn a little hole in my wallet, even if they didn’t burn the balls of my feet. One for the wishlist.