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This blazer is absolutely my pride and joy. It was an extraordinary generous Christmas gift from my love Edit Evening, and now that the weather is cooling in Melbourne I’ve been wearing it constantly.

The cut is extremely flattering on my frame, which is always hard for me as I have a prominent sway back – but this cinches in beautifully. I love the subtle texture in the fabric and the gorgeous silk shawl collar. It’s also the perfect length for pants or dresses. The only thing I’d change is maybe the size, as I do prefer my jackets tight I think I could have gotten away with the size smaller; but at least this way there’s plenty of room for knits and things to be worn underneath as it’s more of a summer-weight blazer and I intend to wear it right through winter, too.

The voluminous full-length skirt gives the overall look a bit of a modern-victorian feel that, while a little different for me, also somehow feels perfectly natural.

Bao Bao

baobaoIssey Miyake Bao Bao Planet Handbag

I don’t remember how long ago it was that I first had the Bao Bao line brought to my attention, but when I spied the pieces in the Issey Miyake boutiques in Tokyo in 2012 it was a given that I’d purchase a piece. I wanted a bag but the only ones available were the flat totes and in my mind, the geometric construction called for something more three dimensional, so I settled for the zipper pouch which I use as a clutch.

Totokaelo has just received a new delivery of Bao Bao and amongst the usual fare of pouches and totes is this incredible Planet Handbag. As my Alexander Wang Kirsten Bag slowly reaches the point of complete disintegration (I’ve had it for three years this month) I’ve been reluctantly keeping out an eye for a replacement. Thus far I’ve not seen anything that’s tugged at my heart-strings; but the Planet Handbag is definitely eliciting some butterflies. I worry about how it would hold up with continued daily use – for the price point I’d expect another three years out of my next bag. A beauty to behold, none-the-less.

The Ice Age Ring

IceAgeRing1The Ice Age Ring by Alicia Hannah Naomi

Months ago I did a post about the How To Destroy Angels song of the same name. It really moved me; I found myself often humming the tune in the studio while I was working. After some time I found myself creating this piece, and as it formed I understood conceptually exactly what had inspired it – I had not necessarily intended to make a piece as a tribute – and so this icy resin cocktail ring came to be.

Made from the same hand-cast crystal that is used in The Ablation Earrings, the stone has been treated to give off a pale, unearthly glow like glacial ice – a perfect balance against the dark, heavily textured ring band.

The Ice Age Ring is an online exclusive to

New To Sale


I thought I was being so clever, ordering these J Brand jeans from Shopbop where they were a touch cheaper than in person. I even tried them on in person at David Jones before I bought them to make sure they’d fit! But they don’t fit me. In denial and convincing myself I was just having a bloated day, I wore them out for an afternoon. Surprise! No. They really don’t fit me.

It turned out that the pair I bought were slightly different to the ones at David Jones I tried on. This pair are longer in the leg and cut just a touch narrower in the waist. I’m pretty disappointed because I rarely make these kinds of mistakes shopping online! It just never occurred to me that they wouldn’t be the same.

Since I’ve worn them I can’t return them to Shopbop. But somewhere out there is a woman who is an actual size 25 (as opposed to me, who is only a size 25 in my dreams) and would love to save some cash on a pair of almost brand new J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in classic black.

They retail brand new for about $240. Yours for just $180 including shipping within Australia.
International interest should e-mail with location for shipping price.
Email lost (a) to inquire.

Click here to see the rest of my items for sale.

Going Forward


I’m thinking ahead towards the next release of pieces.
This is exactly where my head is, going forward.

In the mean time, two new pieces will be available on ALICIA HANNAH NAOMI on the 2nd of April.