Sea Of Ghosts is an ongoing chronicle of fashion and design with a focus on dark styling and the local jewellery industry by emerging contemporary gold and silversmith, Alicia Hannah Naomi.

Alicia’s approach to her personal style involves maintaining a strong vision for her aesthetic presentation. Believing in considered minimalism, Alicia contends it is possible to love fashion whilst maintaining a highly edited capsule wardrobe. Since 2008 she has been cultivating and refining her style using her blog to document the journey. Her style evolution has settled in kindred to the traditional Japanese wabi sabi and shibui aesthetics of asymmetry, minimalism, organic imperfection, with a subtle femininity and lots of black.

Alicia harnesses the inspirations presented in her blog, as well as drawing from her love of drone and doom metal; her fascination with geometry, astronomy and quantum mechanics, and her appreciation for industrial, deconstructed fashions in her design work. She counts designers such as Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester as her aesthetic design icons.

Alicia’s mercurially evocative works are crafted by hand with a meticulous attention to detail and pride in exquisite craftsmanship. Embracing the cacophony of grace that accompanies imperfection, Alicia’s jewellery explores the poetry found in natural objects and processes that possess a dark beauty. Her pieces are wrought with an elegant melancholy inspired by a vicious landscape.

Alicia and her eponymous jewellery atelier are based in Melbourne, Australia. Her works can be viewed and purchased at www.aliciahannahnaomi.com.