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I don’t wear high heels and stilettos as much as I used to; the allure of sneakers, derbies and ankle boots with squat stacked heels has eclipsed the sophistication of an elegant heel thanks to their perceived discomfort. Sitting at a desk all day invites the notion one could wear heels without much trouble; many of the girls here in the office do – but the idea of dragging around a second set of shoes for the walk between public transport and the office – or worse; actually walking back and forth in them – is far too stressful.

These Ann pumps though, with their buttery soft leather, make the 9cm stiletto heel seem somehow modest. There’s something about the arch, they curve differently to other heels. They seem… supple – as though I could walk in them for days without burn or blister.

Of course, they would still burn a little hole in my wallet, even if they didn’t burn the balls of my feet. One for the wishlist.

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I think every woman needs (ok, maybe not “needs”, more like “probably should have”) a quality pair of black stilettos. I almost regret selling my classic Louboutin pumps because I did wear them on occasion. Let’s just say the shoes fit but the brand aesthetic no longer did. Eventually I may replace them with pumps such as these lovelies by Ann D.

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