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A popular strategy for building small businesses is to reinvest everything back into it. Studying jewellery full-time was a dream for me; and now I’m back in the waking world I need to support myself independently again while letting my business grow. I am phenomenally thankful to have a found a full-time role that can offer me a healthy work/life balance. This way I can continue pursuing my art as actively as possible.

In a more style-related conversation, thanks to my new employer’s relaxed policy on work-wear I get to enjoy wearing the majority of my current wardrobe to work as I please. This is an exciting change for me after being in uniformed roles for many years while I balanced work with personal projects. Suddenly being able to wear what I want seven days a week is an extraordinary freedom and one my wardrobe may be unprepared for.

I received a comment on my 2014 wardrobe resolution post that gave me cause to think a lot about my philosophy on ownership. Up until now I’d been referring to it as a kind of minimalism; but thanks to this reader’s prompting I can see that it is the wrong phrasing. I do own too many things to be considered a minimalist, even if I don’t own that much compared to other personal style bloggers.

It’s hard to believe that within just one month of writing that post how dramatically my circumstances altered. As tempting as it is, I’m going to try not to use this change as an excuse to buy a mountain of new clothes simply because I feel threatened (although I suppose I do to a degree).

I am really looking forward to seeing how I can capitalise on the versatility of the things I already own and recognising on a new level where there might be unidentified gaps. I still firmly feel that jackets present the least represented category in my wardrobe but I’m already finding that they’re not the most useful category for getting dressed in under five minutes in the morning. I don’t want to abandon my resolution – I’m just going need to approach each new purchase with serious consideration.

A good friend of mine recently moved from Sydney to Seattle and I’ve been enjoying reading her thoughts about how such a dramatic change of climate has effected her wardrobe. I’d love to open a discussion on how lifestyle changes (as opposed the way our style naturally evolves) impact our wardrobes and how you may have dealt with it.


A year ago I moved from Sydney to Singapore, and the change in humidity instantly changed the way I dressed. About half of the suitcase of clothes I packed had literally remained untouched due to my initial inability to adapt to the change. Gradually however, with the almost forced-upon air-conditioning everywhere you go, I’ve been able to wear items I had brought with me (and newly purchased) that a year ago seemed completely ridiculous to put on.

Now, when it gets below 24 degrees outside, I find myself reaching for a cardigan. It is so peculiar – but I know it means I just miss the cooler weather and the opportunity it would give me to wear more of my wardrobe. On the upside, the food here is SO GOOD (sorry, not related!).

Natali shared this comment on 14 February 2014 at 11:04 PM

I’m interested in thoughts on how moving country impacts personal style, too. I had to learn to dress for the much brighter sun light (called for brighter colours, for me) and much hotter summers (sundresses, something I’d barely need in London) and I am sure I would feel out of place if I wore some of these things back in the UK.

Marianne shared this comment on 23 February 2014 at 4:24 PM

I moved from Edmonton and friday night goth bars, snowy train rides, and urban pavement to a very, very small town on the west coast. My high heels go unworn, unlike the Fever Ray song, running through the moss in high heels is very difficult. I feel out of place in draped layers, jeans and hoodies are more the local speed. I wear a uniform to work, anyways… I have yet to find a balance again. Printed leggings with simple tunics and flat moto boots, draped tops with simpler grey skinny jeans. I would kill to find a lightweight pair of all-black hiking boots..

Danika shared this comment on 26 February 2014 at 1:59 PM


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